3D TVs, Ultrabooks with Touchscreens and Tablets with fold-out Keyboards


… are probably all a scam.

I am not sure, but I’ve never heared of anyone using the 3D option of its TV anymore and now that Windows 8 is coming, a number of Ultrabooks and all-in-one PCs with Touchscreens were presented today. For a keyboard driven notebook or PC, a touchscreen is a nice to have when you want to do a presentation for friends, but I don’t think that anyone wants to lift their arms for more than a few seconds to work at something important.

And then Microsoft shows a huge pad with a fold-out keyboard. Well, that might have intruged me before I was actually using my first pad, but as soon you hold such a device in your hand, every gram counts. I would even go so far that the most important feature of a pad is its weight.

Try it before you buy it.