Not the ones you get when it's cold. The ones you get when you know that something wonderful is happening in your life.

Beyond family, beyond friends, beyond being a human, these goosebumps were never a conscious motivator for me, but now, as I am getting older, and the situations that change my life are getting less, I am wanting to feel them again, I want them to happen, every day.

The feeling I am talking about can be explained a picture:

There, where I am standing at an edge, not knowing what's beyond that, I step or get pushed to the other side and suddenly feel solid, new ground beyond my feet.

And the wonderful thing about that feeling is that creative thinking can constitute it, too. For me, that usually happens when I project some idea into the future, that creates a "what if" reality, which suddenly expands to a fractal of thoughts that manifest in novely and symmetry.