LookHere! is available on iTunes


My new iPad app, LookHere!, is out in the App Store. And you can download it for free.

So what is it about? It's about linking photos. Take a number of photos and link them together in a hierarchical structure and create a beautiful looking PDF.

You can use LookHere! to document details on any objects. As a first step, create a photo of the object, then tap on the location, where the detail is located, and then take another photo that zooms in to the detail.

At any time, you can browse and zoom around in the hierarchy of your photos. And when you are finished, you can create a PDF that clearly shows the context and structure of all the photos taken.

For the next version we plan some additional features like adding descriptions and notes.

Additionally we want to create editions for specific businesses. If you think LookHere! is something you want to be customized for your business, contact me at armin at lookhere.cc.