Windows Store Registration - A Timeline


As said before we made a bunch of small tools that fill some gaps in the Windows RT ecosystem. We built them in 5 days and wanted them to be published as fast as possible to the Windows Store to make some easy money.

The only thing that blocked our submissions until today, was the imposed process to register me and my company as a Windows Store Apps developer.

Even though my company is registered as a BizSpark startup, Microsoft needed two more verification procedures. One was a verification of the credit card, the other a verification of a official telephone book entry, and if that is available, a verification call to talk to me personally.

A timeline after the credit card verification finally went through:

Nov 7

Nov 9

Nov 14

Nov 15

Nov 16

Nov 17

Nov 19

Nov 20

Nov 21

Nov 22

Nov 23-26

Nov 27

Now, all together, we do have lost 20 days here, but I wonder for what? This process seems completely unsafe and redundant to me. I really do wonder why it exists at all. It took me two days to even recognize that Symantec was doing this identity verification on behalf of Microsoft.

And why are there 20 days lost? Where is the time gone? Most of the time was lost in processes of which I think they could be automated and done in seconds rather than in days. Is there so much friction and bureaucracy involed? Are there actually people involved transferring phonebook entries, or doing the authorization process that took Microsoft another 5 days? And what exactly was the role of Symantec here?

I must thank the support of Microsoft and Symantec for their patience with me, because in hindsight, none of my emails seem to have actually mattered. ... but who knows, may be it would have taken another week or two without them.

I'm glad that we can now submit our apps now, which will take another ~10 days until they appear in the store, ... well, but only if they don't get rejected.