The Massive Project


In the over 40 years working as software developer, I took various journeys through practical computer science, built parsers, designed protocols, created 3D graphics applications. Designed and built software for embedded devices to distributed systems on multiple data centers. Language wise, started with assembler programming, gravitated towards C, over to C++, Delphi, C#, to functional programming languages like F#, even did some category theory, and then closed the full circle by settling on Rust. All that while working with an uncountable number of great teams participating in many exciting projects where the most diverse frameworks, software design patterns, build methods, and container technologies were used.

On this journey I've founded a few companies, failed a lot, and now work with an incredible team at questnet GmbH, a small telecommunications company I am a shareholder of. And together with a civil construction engineer and his colleagues in Munich, I've created LookHere!, an iOS application that puts a new idea to capture photos into a structured document into reality, for which we got a patent granted.

And now, I am taking all that I've learned and head to one direction. Realizing a vision and a set of ideas I had around 30 years ago no one else was able to create yet. Alan Kay said once "The best way to predict the future is to invent it.". And this is now personal and driven by my frustration about all the mimetic clones of boring flat user interface I frequently recognize as being constrained by the inability to think beyond what the Internet browser entails. This is not cool anymore. It was perhaps at the time Xerox PARC invented it in the 70s! We need digital workspaces that are 3D, fast, infinite, and Massive.

The Massive project is my attempt to conclude my working career in a way that is meaningful to me. A first teaser is Massive Text, a 3D text renderer on which everything will be based on. Head over to the Massive page for more information and demos.