New SharedSafe Version and New Blogging Tools

February 23, 2012

I've released a new version of SharedSafe.

At the time I was in Latin America, we have found a showstopper that prevented SafeKeys to be imported to SharedSafe. This was quite frustrating for two reasons. First, I couldn't fix the bug while I was on vacation, and second, no one reported the problem even though the import feature is one of the basic features of SharedSafe.

Nevertheless, we are working to increase the user base for SharedSafe. We produced some more videos and are planning to release a free version with the restriction to share one folder only.

And about blogging. Today I tried to write my first blog post for some months and Windows Live Writer left me in the dark again with some obscure error messages. I tried BlogDesk and BlogJet. BlogJet worked immediately with the wicked Drupal Blog API. BlogJet is commercial but I am willing to pay the $39 if it handles my blog posting habits well.