Going Fiber

February 25, 2012

I've just signed a preliminary contract with the German Telekom for a 100MBit/s down / 50MBit/s up fiber connection. If 1600 people were found in my town willing to change their contracts (why wouldn't they, it's 10 EUR cheaper), I will get a high-speed fiber connection by October 2012.

Right now my 16MBit/s down feels ok, but 1MBit/s up is just too slow to share files, for example. 100MBit/s and 50MBit/s up, wow, that's a huge speed difference ... 6.25 times down and 50 times! up, I can't wait for that experience. It should feel like being directly IN the Internet.

My provider even offers a static IP addresses. So hosting a decent server at home is now possible, too.