Moving Away From Drupal

October 24, 2012

For over eight years now, I am using Drupal to get some of my thoughts and ideas into the wild. At the beginning, I used Textile and the Drupal's integrated Web-Editor to write the posts, then I changed to Windows Live Writer, and now I finally decided to write my own, nice little blogging system.

Why?, because I don't feel well with Drupal anymore. The maintenance cost and the security problems (updates are really annoying) and the slow performance are some of the reasons that hindered me from writing more blog posts. Over the years a lot more problems appeared, but I don't want to start a rant here.

Additionally, I never felt well storing all the content inside a database. I wanted a more control over the content I was posting. Having all content as simple files and stored inside a git repository is one of the goals of this nice little endeavor I am planning for the next few days.

So what's behind from the technical perspective.

I plan to create the blog posts as simple file system entries. The filename of a post should indicate the publishing date and the human readable URL. The content should be Markdown, so that a simple Markdown editor (like the beautiful MarkdownPad can be used to edit the posts.

As soon a post is writted and saved, I expect my little static website generator to immediately create the appropriate HTML pages and synchronize them with the server. This process should be incremental, so that changes are published with as little latency as possible.

Right now, as I am writing these lines, I have already set up the github project that will be able to generate my complete website, hopefully by the end of the week.

I plan to preserve most content that I've written before, but your comments may be gone (sorry for that). For this blog now, I want to use a service that lets you post comments, Disqus seems to be a fine choice, though I am not quite satisfied how they handle your privacy.