Running Windows 8 on my MacBook Air

November 02, 2012

I am trying to update my Macbook Air to Windows 8 today.

The update procedure went just fine so far. I uninstalled all the Metro apps except the Store app and installed Classic Shell and Skip Metro Suite. My developer's life happens on the Desktop, so except for developing apps, I can not care less for the new Windows RT user interface yet.

After the installation, two drivers were missing. The touchpad does not work, and I am completely glad about that, because the MacBook Air's touchpad is completely unusable. I often touch it accidentally with my thumb and pressing it on the upper area requires too much pressure.

Another missing driver is the FaceTime camera driver.

These problems are documented on an Apple Support Thread.

To fix the camera driver, the last entry in that thread suggests to update the missing camera driver in the device manager. This worked fine for me.

I found out two more problems so far:

Well, and now after a few reboots they keyboard stopped working at all.... I am trying to connect another one and see how I can fix that problem.

Hmm, an external keyboard I plugged into the USB port is not working, rebooting.

Now the internal works again. Need to check the internet.

Uh, this seems to be a common problem for which there is no solution yet.

I also found another thread in which some potential solutions are discussed.

At first I need to remove my account password. The simplest option I have found that reliable works is to safe boot via Shift-Restart and then creating another Administrator account with no password.

And then I remove the password from my main account with the help of this post:

For now I can live without a password. Interestingly, the keyboard does not work on my primary account, but only on the secondary I have created.

That leaves me with one remaining problem, the brightness of the display.

And this seems to be a solution for the screen brightness.

Fine, my Macbook Air is now working under Windows 8 without any problems.