Trial Period

November 06, 2012

One thing I love about the Windows Store is that there are Trial Periods for Apps.

And a developer does not have to add one additional line of code. Everything is handled by the Store Application that is installed on Windows 8.

I think that this feature alone could alone has a tremendous effect on the application market:

From the customer's perspective:

From the seller's perspective:

Reasoning from the above, I guess that appplications will be a more expensive on Windows 8, and most of them will offer trial periods (if not all).

Despite that, customers and developers will love the market, customers, because trial periods avoid a number of bad emotions that are related to spending money for something they don't use and developers can earn more money by selling their app for a reasonable price, which in turn will allow them to spend more money on development, which should then increase the overall quality of the apps in the market.

Often the small things have a great effect. Trial periods in an App Store may be a competitive advantage that even transcends the difference between hardware and operating systems.