The Surface Killer

November 08, 2012

Yesterday a friend of mine and I went to "Saturn", a local electronic shop, where they got all the newest high-tech gadgets, and what we encountered there was very interesting:

Windows 8 was everywhere.

Just after a few weeks of its launch, a lot of PCs and notebooks had Windows 8 installed and the vibrant look of the new home screen was preeminent all over the area. The Apple corner just looked boring and dusty compared to all the shiny tiles bombarding us with photons of all wavelengths.

No Touchscreens

I was explicitly looking for Ultrabooks or monitors with touchscreens, and found ... none. I did not look for long, but I've at least expected some a few that show how Windows 8 should be used naturally.

There was a Surface Killer

I haven't seen a surface yet, but I found a nice little Windows 8 tablet that just turned out to be my personal Surface killer. It's 10 inches, weighs only 525g and is 8.3mm thin! - as I said before, for a 10 inch couch-tablet every gram counts, compare that to an iPad 4, which weighs 652g and is 9.4mm thick -, so that thing looked supersleek, and also had such a great IPS display that I was not trusting my eyes for the moment. I tried it for a moment and it was pretty fast. Unbelievable.

The only drawback is that it's expensive. The WiFi only edition costs about 575.- EUR here in Germany. But before buying a Surface, you have to take a look at the Asus Vivo Tab RT first. And for the people who need to be mobile with their tablet, there are LTE and 3G editions available, too.

As a side-note, I found it quite amusing that they sell the small bezel on the iPad mini as a feature. Just try to hold that thing in portrait orientation with one hand and without touching the screen accidentally, good luck. And do you really think that you can hold it comfortable with one hand on the back side? I doubt it, and I couldn't in case of the Nexus 7, and my boneware shouldn't be so different to yours.


In conclusion, my favorite 10 inch tablets are:

What are yours?