Three Tablets

November 25, 2012

Yesterday I took a closer look at the new Microsoft Surface that a friend bought. And it was exactly what I've expected. A bit of a too thick, heavy tablet with a fixed stand that always adjusts the display at the wrong angle. But on the other hand, a great manufactured device, with a superb low resolution display (the ones you can see pixels on), and an operating system that works just fine.

It feels more like low priced ultraportable touchscreen notebook.

I've also took a look at the Vivo tab again, which seems to run slightly slower, and also has a low resolution display. But compared to the Surface, it is really light and thin, and actually feels like a tablet and not like picture frame.

I'd prefer a Vivo tab, even though it is more expensive.

What I don't like about both tablets, is the wide-screen format. Holding it in landscape feels unnatural for typing text. You can't reach the center of the screen with your thumbs and the split on-screen keyboard takes time to get used to. And in portrait mode it's also feels unnatural to read book pages on such a high screen.

I may wait for a Windows 8 tablet that has iPad's screen aspect ratio.

Speaking of the iPad, I've also played with the iPad Mini, and must say that Apple just did it again.

For some reason this thing is magical. I instantly felt that it's something beyond all other tablets.

It does have a lower resolution compared to the Nexus 7, but you just can not compare the two. The iPad Mini's display is much more vivid, the device is lighter, and the first time I took it from the stand it did not feel like a tablet, it felt more like a ultralight E-book reader, and that's probably what's so magical about it.

For me, the iPad Mini is below the weight I would care for the energy it takes to hold it for a very long time. My body instantly recognized this fact and I suspect that this caused my "wow it's magic" response.

Though I don't like the the two small bezels, I think of buying one for reading books on the couch.