Impact Awareness


Recently, I've learned about how I am able to snap out of a deep frustration. Immediately and permanently by reminding myself of the following:

  1. I am good enough.

    This is to let go of everything that holds me back in the past and bleeds into the present.

  2. I have full control over all my future actions.

    This is to empower me now.

  3. Every decision and action shapes your future.

    This is to remind me that I am in full control now and of my future.

It feels like leaning from the now just a little bit into the future. In other words, it makes the potential that lies between the now and the future more present.

It works every time so far and I am not sure how to name it. I would describe it as a voluntary shift to a state of mind that could be named Impact Awareness, in which you are aware that you have full control and that all your decisions and actions affect your future.

When I am applying this, I feel a physical sensation in my head, a blend between excitement and expansion. The expansion part feels forced, like stretching a metal muscle. I interpret this as the effort needed to create a new Being Mode that will get easier the more often I transition to it.